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2023. 4. 1
Big changes at OIC!
New teacher and Sayonara Tom sensei! Click here
Price changes and a new LINE account! Click here

Let's do our best this year!!!
-Team OIC
2023. 3. 13
Masks Optional.
The Japanese government has made mask wearing optional. Click here
Our staff will continue to wear masks, clean and sanitize the school, and keep the windows open to reduce the risk of any diseases. = )

Stay safe!!!
-Team OIC
2021. 3. 8
The New School Year!!!
Dear families,
Thank you all keeping our school and community safe. Due to the impact of Covid-19 we will be open Tuesday thru Saturday, but look forward to opening for six days again when we can. As a reminder masks must be worn by all students, temperatures will be checked, and all hands must be washed. If someone in your household or the student shows any signs of symptoms please remain at home and you can make up your lesson later, so no need to rush. We really appreciate that everyone has been keeping our community safe, and parents have been leaving the school as an extra step of precaution. The schedule has been updated on the site, and if you have any questions please email us at oictateishi@gmail.com. Thank you again, and we can't wait to get the next academic year started!
2020. 10. 26~31
A safe Halloween for all! (Click here)
This year please feel free to wear your costume to class, and we'll play Halloween related games, and everyone gets candy!
2020. 4. 24
How to use ZOOM for E-lessons
For PC Click here
For Smartphone Click here
For iPad Click here

Stay safe!!!
2020. 4. 13
Updated Prevention Steps(<-Click here).
Dear OIC families,
Our staff and students are part of our family, and as such with the rising cases of Covid-19 we have switched to online lessons for everyone's safety. If you don't want to participate via online we totally understand. This is a great opportunity for us as teachers to grow our skills and students to learn how to adapt. The challenges that online might bring will only make us better students and teachers alike. We look forward to growing and continuing to help your English flourish. It's important to keep routines throughout this disaster. I'm sure all of us can't wait for things to go back to normal, but in the meantime let's be safe and continue to improve ourselves.


Thank you Always. いつもありがとうございます。,
2020. 3. 1
Steps in English for prevention(<-Click here).
Dear OIC families,
To coincide with all the closings in Japan, we have decided to move our two week spring holiday to these two weeks (March 2-14). We will be open from March 16th and work through the normally planned Spring break. Please take this time to enjoy the break with loved ones. The Covid-19 spreads easily, but we shouldn’t panic and just like the flu take the normal precautionary steps. Stay safe and see all your smiles in two weeks!

2020. 1. 4
2019. 12. 15
Merry Christmas
2019. 10. 27
Our Annual Halloween Party!
Time to show off all those cute, creepy and original costume ideas. With our proud line of goblins and ghouls let's go trick or treating and party!!!
2019. 5. 20
Come join us outdoors and test yourself in an all English environment!!! 8月20日から3日間、群馬・水上で外国人の先生とカヌーやキャンプファイヤーなどアウトドアを楽しみながら英語を学びます。残席わずか。お申し込みはお早めに。
2019. 4. 28
Happy Golden Week!
OIC will be closed from April 29th - May 5th. This is the first time GW is ten days. Click the link to read about it in English. What are your plans?
2019. 4. 15
Spring Challenge
It's a new season and a new time to challenge something new!!! 春の入会キャンペーン!今なら無料体験+当日入会なら入会金10800円が無料になります!また、お友達キャンペーンも実施中!お友達をご紹介いただいた内部生の方には、2000円分の図書カードをプレゼント!
2018. 10. 28
A Monster Mash
As Halloween continues to grow we're excited to see all the little ghouls and gals this year!!! Let's eat candy until we turn green.
2018. 4. 1
Spring Cleaning
Out with the old and in with the new! 春の入会キャンペーン!今なら無料体験+当日入会なら入会金10800円が無料になります!また、お友達キャンペーンも実施中!お友達をご紹介いただいた内部生の方には、2000円分の図書カードをプレゼント!
2017. 12. 25
Merry Christmas
2017. 10. 31
Happy Halloween!!!
2017. 6. 12
Let's grill!
2017. 5. 27
Birthday Bash!
2017. 6. 30
2017. 1. 4
2017. 4. 20